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  • Strategy
  • Team dynamics and creating effective teams
  • Change and transformational management
  • Planning and strategic development
  • Unpacking and improving processes
  • Project management
  • Align groups to company vision, mission, values and strategy
  • Customer awareness
  • Conflict resolution
  • Creating learning organisations

Organisational Development needs analysis

  • Organisational Development transformational plan
  • 1 on 1  and group coaching in areas identified through transformation change

Participlan facilitation training and supplying Participlan stationery

  • Training for new facilitators
  • Training for intermediate facilitators
  • Training for advanced facilitators

General skills training

  • Call handling
  • Time management
  • Managing behaviour and developing emotional intelligence
  • Leadership and management


True facilitation is an art and an acquired skill. The role of a facilitator is not to share the facilitator’s knowledge or opinions but to create a positive, non-threatening and engaging environment for the free flow of ideas and constructive discussion. It is remaining objective at all times, ensuring all voices are heard, conclusions are reached and action plans are implemented.


Participlan is an extremely versatile and unique facilitation method. It allows for equal group involvement, accelerated decision-making and positive interaction.

The visual mapping format, which resembles a sophisticated version of the ‘sticky notes’ process, offers a wide range of tools and techniques.

The robust process allows individuals to feel heard, groups to challenge ideas and to confront issues in a secure and trusting space. The group generates the information and therefore the group owns it.

There are very few facilitators in the world that combine energy, the ability to drive a process, ensuring every person is engaged and participates and above all has fun! Lyndall has all these qualities. We have co-facilitated group sessions on many occasion and she builds rapport very rapidly… equally with staff and leadership.

Paul Tomes, MD Pitch (Previous employer)